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House ofSurrogates


90 minute documentary film for BBC

"Straight up: House of Surrogates was one of the best documentaries of the year  In it, BAFTA-nominated Matt Rudge took an unflinching,
delicate and probing look at the world of surrogacy in India” ***** Telegraph 

““A remarkable and challenging documentary”
**** Daily Mail

"Important and thought provoking"  The Times 

Shortlisted: Grierson Awards Best International Documentary 

Hidden amongst the back streets of rural India, one house is home to 100 pregnant women. They are carrying these babies for mostly Western childless couples in return for $6000 US. Its the work of controversial doctor Nayna Patel, who sees herself as bringing two desperate women together in the name of feminism - the infertile and the poverty stricken. 

This 90 minute film follows Dr Patel, her Indian Surrogate mothers, and the clients who turn to the clinic to help them create a family and the surrogates to carry their child for 9 months. 

House of Surrogates: Welcome
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