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1 x 60 documentary for BBC1 

Critics Choice in The Guardian, Times, Sunday Times, Telegraph, Independent, Daily Mail & Mail on Sunday and more

Where Rudge struck Gold was by making this film about immigration” The Times

A nuanced, yet entertaining filmThe Telegraph

A wistful take on the Brits abroad documentary with an interesting angle on this country's own immigration situationThe Independent

For decades the Costa Del Sol has attracted millions of Brits looking for a better way of life or a retirement home in the Spanish sun. But in the shadow of an extraordinary Spanish financial crisis, plummeting property prices and some of the harshest austerity ever witnessed, many ex pat brits that sold up and moved to the South of Spain are being hit hard. 

This documentary follows the UK pensioners, young British migrant workers and British family businesses trying to get by, but also uncovers hidden tensions, where some natives want rid of the particular group of ‘sponging immigrants’ known as The British. 

Costa Del Sol: Welcome
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