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Story. People. Film. 

Matt's critically acclaimed films are made up of a mix of subject matter and styles - from hard hitting crime documentaries, explorative current affairs films, to humorous authored films.They've been nominated, or short-listed for BAFTA, Royal Television Society, Grierson and Broadcast Awards.  What binds them together is Story, People and Film. 


Story is at the heart of everything we do. A good story can pull viewers into the centre of something they never expected, it can impart knowledge, understanding, change perceptions, or be a call to action. A good story twists and turns, pulling the viewer deeper, confounding expectations. 

Matt has always been captivated by storytelling and has experimented with its many forms; from live performance, writing, to Theatre. He chose documentary films to forge a career as he believes it offers perhaps the most direct, easily accessible and most powerful ways to share true stories. 


Within any good story of course, there must be characters - and Matt's films tend to focus on the human side of life, working with people to help document their lives or observe events from a human perspective. His films offer insight into people doing extraordinary things, living in exceptional circumstances or undergoing great challenges. He enjoys working with everyday people who have fascinating tales, to create films with visual flair, integrity and drama. 

His work has seen him travel around the world, filming with different people and cultures, from Calcutta to Kuwait, from Arkansas to Aberdeen.  


Documentary film offers an intimacy to people and an accessibility to their stories perhaps no other medium can. 

Many of Matt's films are self shot, and this way of working has led Matt to be able to immerse himself with people, cultures and organisations that for long periods and gain trust to film at will.  Although self shot, his projects always aim for visual flair.  Within each project is a desire to have a cinematic look with compelling images.  

Matt's films have been broadcast on major channels around the world and have received critical acclaim, and been nominated or won various awards: 

“Warm funny and perception changing. This will win awards” The Guardian 

"The well-aimed, right and astutely timed question can open up a whole interview. In this film, Matt Rudge makes an observation that opens up a whole documentary” **** The Times  

One of the films of the year” The Scotsman  

A Jaw dropping documentary” The Independent 

A revealing tale for our times” Daily Mail

Winner: Best Factual Talent, The TV Collective Awards

BAFTA Breakthrough Talent Nominee

Grierson Awards: Shortlisted Best International Film 

Royal Television Society Best Director Nominee


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